This is the true story of Charlotte, who was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease called EPP, which meant she couldn’t be in the sun for more than a few minutes without her skin burning and blistering. Her parents got in touch with NIVEA, whose R&D department promised to help. After months of research, NIVEA created a bespoke sunscreen - just for Charlotte. 
Clio Health 2 Silvers
Health, Film, Craft Animation
The One Show 1 Finalist, 3 Shortlists,
Film, Health, Social Media
ADC New York 1 Silver, 1 Merit, 2 Finalists, 5 Shortlists
Craft in Animation, Online Film, Animation, Short Video, Craft 
New York Festival 7 Finalists
Health&Wellness, Craft in Animation, Short Form Film, Social Video

Interviews with The Family & The Scientist